Special Event Funding

Special Event Funding applications are now facilitated through The Perch. The application is accessed through your club/association’s group dashboard in the “Leader Form” section.


To ensure the needs of clubs are represented throughout the Students’ Union. The fund is to ensure that clubs with the passion and drive to provide an event or activity to Laurier students are able to do so with minimal monetary limitations.

*Note: This document is subject to change without notice*

Procedural Overview (For Applicant Use)

Guidelines: The Clubs and Associations Special Event Funding is available to all approved clubs at Laurier. It is created to allow any club to program events for the Laurier community without limitations. The program will function as either a grant resource or a repayable loan. Clubs applying for Special Event Fund must present a clear and concise plan for the event, including revenues designated for repayment. Repayment can range from event sponsorship, fundraising and ticket sales to a cover charge. Individuals applying for the special event funding are expected to abide by all Special Event Funding policies and procedures (WATERLOO/BRANTFORD). Any revenue strategies must be communicated to the Clubs and Associations department.

Note: not all requests will be granted.

Note: Volunteers on the Clubs & Associations Coordinator team, students at large, and other Students’ Union committee volunteers are not eligible to submit proposals for this fund, it is accessible to approved clubs only.

Note: Grants will not be given to charitable events (Loans can be applied in these cases)

Note: Priority will be given to events that are open and accessible to all Laurier students

Application Process

The application process consists of two components: an online application form (submitted to the Clubs and Associations Governance Coordinator) and a very brief presentation including a general discussion of the event with the Clubs and Associations Governance Team.


The purpose of the presentation is to offer a better understanding of the proposed event, where the applicant clearly outlines the financial costs associated and has an opportunity to ask and answer any additional questions related to the event.

Presentation Particulars:

  • Approximately 5-10 minutes followed by a 5 minute question and answer/discussion period afterwards.
  • Casual attire is permitted.
  • The presentation must include:
    1. Basic Details of the Event (who, where, what, when, why, how?)
    2. Overview of the financials of the event
    3. Justification for event and its impact on Laurier students
    4. Identification of Risks at the event for any person in attendance. (This would be considered the applicants Risk Management Assessment.)
    5. State how you will be contributing to the Laurier Community through your event.