Clubs Resources

What is the Clubs & Associations Resource Centre?

The Resource Centre is your one stop shop for all things Clubs. With work space, computers and storage the centre is there to make sure your group can excel. It is a great collaborative workspace to have meetings or to work on that cool poster for your upcoming event.

Located on the 2nd floor of the FNCC in Waterloo, the centre is accessible via keypad. Located on the bottom floor of the Student Centre in Brantford, the centre is accessible via OneCard.

For more information and to book space contact Clubs & Associations Clerk, Kara Mosburger (Waterloo) or AVP: Clubs and Associations, Victoria Boutilier (Brantford).

All items stored in The Resource Centre must be labeled with a contact name, their email, and the date or it will be removed and disposed of accordingly. Labels and markers are provided in the room. 


Campus Resources

Everything from booking space on campus, to physical resources, to bringing catering to your events. Everybody loves food.

Brantford Waterloo

Special Event Funding

Got an idea for an event that will meaningfully impact the Laurier community, but don’t have the budget to back it up? Special Event Funding is meant to enhance the student community. It’s time to dream big.

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Our Partners

We have developed relationships with businesses and organizations within the Laurier community to make it easier for your group to achieve its goals. Things like group discounts, or additional grant funding are just a few ways that we are looking out for you.

Our Partners Funding

Club Budget and Finance Guide

We’re not all business majors, we get it. You’re an idea person, but you’ve still got to fill out your budgets. We’ve done our best to make everything so easy to fill out and complete that even an Arts student could do it.

Request a Club Resource

The best ideas for new club resources come from.. you! Operating a large and successful club can sometimes be difficult. Imagine a world with something that will make your club life easier? We would love to hear your ideas!