Event Submission has Moved!

Event submissions are now to be processed through your club/association’s group dashboard on The Perch.

From the drop-down menu to the right-side of your group dashboard, select “Create Event” to begin submission. See “Event Creation Instructions” at the bottom of the “Create Event” page for more details.

Once the initial event is submitted, this will create an event page (public) and an event dashboard (back-end) similar to your group page and group dashboard. We will communicate any further inquiries through the chat feature of the event dashboard. This may include the submission of Leader Forms as required which you will find to the left-side of the group dashboard. These forms include “Event Requirements”, “Risk Management Form”, “Ticket Sale Request – U-Desk”, etcetera.

Remember: Events must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the event date and ninety (90) dates prior to departure date for international travel. This allows us the time manage any risks associated and make any accommodations/bookings required. Failure to submit an event will result in disciplinary action against the club or association.