Lazaridis Students' Society


The Lazaridis Students’ Society works with 20 student-run clubs, to support student interests ranging from accounting to marketing, leadership to online business, and every discipline in between. A significant portion of the funds LazSoc collects are granted to our 22 Business & Economics clubs annually in order to assist them in operating and expanding their own mandates.

Arts' Undergraduate Society


AUS is an interactive Faculty of Arts Council that works towards bettering the academic and social experience of students here at Laurier. It is a council for students, funded by students and lead by students. AUS works towards developing an arts community, serving students within the Faculty of Arts in a variety of ways. AUS provides assistance for student clubs, associations, student run programs or events, as well as individual projects. If needing assistance to further develop your educational or university pursuits, AUS is on your side. Visit the AUS website to stay updated on upcoming events happening at Laurier to make sure that you do not miss out!

Faculty of Science Students' Association


The Faculty of Science Students’ Association is a group of science students that hope to provide a diverse and enlightening experience to the Laurier Science Community. How? We plan on enhancing the university experience for all students officially registered in the programs offered by the Faculty of Science, including you! FOSSA will provide activities, information and services to enhance the educational, cultural, environmental and social conditions of its members throughout the year. Check the website for updates. We also hope to serve as a liaison between the various affiliated student clubs in the Faculty of Science and the Students’ Union.

Faculty of Education Students Association


EdSoc is an association run by students in the Faculty of Education at Laurier University. It is comprised of students from all cohorts and is geared toward providing students with social and educational opportunities. Some events hosted by EdSoc include: coffee houses with live entertainment, CPR Certification, and other educational activities such as Snowshoeing at Laurel Creek, Rock Climbing and other leadership programs that can be utilized by teachers in their future classrooms. EdSoc is a social organization that integrates fun and learning with education.

Faculty of Music Students' Association


FOMSA is a student organization that stands for Faculty Of Music Students’ Association; we connect music students to their students union.

FOMSA is a three-tiered organization whose purpose is to connect the faculty to their students and the students to their union.

We aspire to facilitate success in all aspects of a music undergraduate’s Education: Academics, Social, Mental Health and Faculty Connections.